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A great place to buy cultured corals in Australia.

Suppliers of aquacultured marine corals, coral frags, invertebrates and fish for Australian customers.

Our mission statement is to supply Australia with environmentally friendly choices of quality corals you can confidently buy over the internet knowing they will arrive in a healthy condition.


Top quality ricordea corals, cash or trade.


The new year begins;

Today we will start adding products to the pages.

Shipping for this year we will be switching to packing on Tuesday for overnight delivery to our customers arriving Wednesday. We are doing this to avoid the conflicts with long weekends as the freight terminal in Perth does not open on Monday public holidays. Starting for arrivals Wednesday 21st January.

The catch is we need to swap some work days before we can be fully staffed on the pack day so we may need to limit the number of places for the first few weeks if things become to busy.

Perth will remain unchanged as Friday delivery, starting Friday 23rd January.
October 2014.

Qantas Freight has given us a massive price increase starting end of this month. For airport to airport deliveries.

As we already heavily subsidize this freight option, we cannot adsorb any of the Qantas Freight price increase.

Pricing structure of this Qantas Freight price increase of a small < 5kg esky to a cheap destination like Perth to Sydney would have to be in the order of $100 plus. The Qantas Freight price increase would incur considerably higher costs to other destinations.

We have decided to remove the Qantas freight option due to the price increase, rather than insult our customers. Last shipments are for Saturday 1st November 2014 arrival.

Fortunately, we have been enjoying an excellent reliable door to door service via Startrack at an excellent price and this option will now be the only option outside of Perth.

As always we are confident in our ability to provide live and healthy arrival of our live stocks, offering full 100% guarantee refund or replacement.